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Szymon Kazmierczak

responsible for formulas

and brand management. cosmetologist

Sebastian Kubiak

fashion designer, designer,

is responsible for the brand image

About us

Purite, through its years of development, has invited experts in many fields to work with it. From doctors who create recipes and give their opinions on the technological process and plant raw materials, to body detoxification specialists and nutritionists.
Our definition of cosmetics is uncompromising: only plant and mineral ingredients, therapeutic action and environmental responsibility at every stage of work. Purite is supported by doctors of many specialties, our formulas are created to address specific skin problems. Many years of working with people affected by civilization diseases and exploring the knowledge of natural cosmetology have allowed us to look at cosmetics from a completely different angle. We know that there is no justification for using anything other than natural substances in them.

Sebastian Kubiak, creator of the brand and its image, industrial design designer, graphic designer.

“We make sure that every aspect of our work is uncompromising. We select and combine the best ingredients, use biodegradable packaging, and everything we create is an aesthetic and design feast for the eye.”

Szymon Kazmierczak, founder of the brand, who is no longer with us ♥. The direction he set will always be the foundation of Purite:

“We prove that creating cosmetics is not about mixing countless chemicals. Cosmetics can smell beautiful, foam furiously and shine like moon dust, all with natural ingredients.”

The Purite brand was established in March 2014. The high effectiveness and therapeutic effect of Purite is the result of a combination of the beneficial properties of natural raw materials, the medical knowledge of the doctors working with the manufactory, and pure production technologies. The team works in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Komorowice near Wroclaw. All ingredients are acquired in accordance with fair trade principles; the plants from which the macerates, extracts and hydrolats are made are grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizers and sourced according to their biological rhythms; the oils are from certified crops. The company started its business by making body soaps and butters to meet the individual needs of our relatives and friends. The success of these first products led to the creation of the Purite brand.

From the beginning, Purite has attracted like-minded individuals who, both at work and in private, value quality, not quantity. Respect for nature, understanding the importance of balance within and around us makes Purite authentic and unique. The development of the brand is consistent and thoughtful.

Complementing conscious care are manual therapies, whose surprising effectiveness in improving skin condition Simon discovered while learning Japanese Kobido massage. This direction is being strongly developed by Kasia Weglinskaya at the Purite Otium manual therapy office, where taking care of yourself, your skin and your inner balance has entered a whole new level.
Otium has invited Joanna Ulanowska-Tabala and Marta Otawa to work together on an ongoing basis, offering unique treatments to meet individual needs. The girls boast a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion.

Joanna Bartosiewicz, is responsible for cosmetics production and less romantic financial issues:
“Production at Purite is perfectly balanced. Most of the process is manual work. Weighing and combining ingredients, keeping an eye on the temperature, mixing, must be done carefully and at your own pace. It has its disadvantages, economically, but it gives you the assurance that you will get the highest quality product.”

Patrycja Kowalewska is responsible for handling the online store and processing orders. He intricately packages orders and supports production.