Purite soaps are handmade from natural unrefined vegetable fats. By adding sodium lye in an amount less than in commercial products, and thus less than would be needed to saponify all the fats used, we get a soap that is slightly softer than industrial soap, but certainly much richer in free fats. Because in the last stage of saponification, those most valuable oils (e.g., argan, jojoba, castor oil, etc.) are added, they are the ones that naturally lubricate and moisturize our skin.
PURITE soaps – do NOT contain any artificial colors, preservatives, emulsifiers and other substances harmful to human skin and the environment.

Purite soaps do not wear out faster than industrial soaps with only thoughtful storage during use. Here the simplest – a soap dish with a good water drainage is necessary. Like any soap, they should not be stored in areas exposed to continuous water.

The vegetable fats used to make Purite soaps come from organically grown crops around the world. These are natural, unrefined fats sourced in accordance with Fair Trade Principles
Herbs and flowers – from a friendly organic farm.
Water – biocompatible, biologically and chemically super-pure – from a water treatment system equipped with a series of filters and a double reverse osmosis system.
We also strive to use raw materials of indigenous origin – the use of rapeseed oil made it possible to obtain a thick, creamy lather in Purite soaps.

PURITE is based on formulas that have been proven for years – only improving and enriching them. For many years, we have tested the quality of our products on a wide range of people, who evaluate our products in a fair and factual manner, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses. Only a product that receives a positive rating from all those who took part in the survey goes to our recipient.

PURITE products are probably the best in the luxury soap market, as they have been produced for years:
– Based on the knowledge and under the supervision of a doctor with many years of practice – safety assessor,
– The process of obtaining all raw materials is done with respect for the ecosystems and the people who obtain them for us,
– special attention to every detail of both safety and aesthetics is maintained in the manufacturing process of Purite products,
– Purite products are created with a passion and commitment that has remained constant over the years.
– All raw materials and packaging are biodegradable or recyclable.