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Natural cosmetics for body care

Natural cosmetics for body care

The skin should be taken care of every day, thanks to which it will be properly moisturized, nourished and regenerated. Improper body care will make the skin lose its glow, become dry and less tense. On our website, customers will find only natural cosmetics with valuable properties, thanks to which you can comprehensively take care of your skin. All body cosmetics we offer are handmade in our manufactory. During production, we use only the best quality, natural ingredients from organic farming. Thanks to this, Purite body care cosmetics are free of harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and unnecessary fillers.

Natural body cosmetics by Purite

Purite body butters are intended for the care of all skin types:

  • dry,
  • normal,
  • damaged,
  • mature.

Natural cosmetic with the addition of coffee oil, cinnamon oil and coffee extract tightens, nourishes, has anti-cellulite properties, improves microcirculation and cleanses of toxins. Firming butter improves skin elasticity, deeply moisturizes and slows down the signs of aging. We also recommend body butter:

  • lime with a refreshing scent,
  • tangerine + grapefruit, which regenerates and has an antibacterial effect,
  • rose + vanilla – tones the skin, protects against free radicals.

Purite cream cosmetics

Purite deodorants are a unique composition of antiseptic ingredients and essential oils. Cream body cosmetics nourish, regenerate and provide freshness throughout the day. In addition, they do not stain clothes and are very efficient.

Purite Natural Body Creams

Purite hand and foot care creams are made of i.a. from hydrolates, vegetable oils, shea butter. They exhibit antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. In addition, they smooth, regenerate and firm the skin.

Polish Purite body cosmetics

Body scrub based on Dead Sea salts perfectly cleanses the skin, and at the same time improves its condition and appearance. Nutrients contained in the cosmetic unify the skin tone, improve its elasticity and have an anti-aging effect.

Our assortment could not miss such body care cosmetics as bath salt, massage oil, comfrey oil and puritamol.

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