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Harmony of body and senses with an innovative line of products for sensitive skin of the décolletage and breasts

More than 75% of women experience PMS or, later, menopause-related discomfort every month. Very often it is breast tension and tenderness, as well as emotional complaints – mood changes, sadness, reduced self-confidence or a decrease in libido. Our dream was to create such cosmetics that, using 100% of the power of nature, including medicinal grade essential oils, would bring relief to women, both physically and emotionally.

Purite Selected combines bioactive plant and mineral ingredients with therapeutic grade essential oils. The former help deal with skin problems, soothe inflammation, moisturize, nourish and provide substances that fight free radicals, thus protecting the skin from aging. Essential oils stimulate blood circulation, cell renewal, smooth, add radiance and have a salutary effect on our mood – they have a calming, anti-depressant effect, add energy, enhance the sense of joy and even awaken love. Thanks to this combination, Purite Selected is not only a therapy and skin care, but also has a beneficial effect on mood and emotions.

Women’s therapy

The first 3 products in the Purite Selected line are aimed at women and are designed for full bust, décolletage and neck care. Their task is to regenerate, firm but also to alleviate the discomfort associated with premenstrual syndrome or menopause. All three formulations are enriched with blends of essential oils composed by a medical doctor (including basil oil and frankincense oil designed specifically for the décolletage area, as well as rose oil, geranium oil or lavender oil), which are beneficial to overall well-being.

The natural power of essential oils

Essential oils are unique active substances of plant origin. Microscopic molecules of essential oils behave like living organisms – they vibrate, have their own frequency, and react with our bodies. And not only at the cellular level, so they can stimulate cell renewal, cleanse toxins or even halt the aging process, but also affect the shape and frequency of brain waves. This means that medicinal grade essential oils affect our mood – they can change emotions. The oils used in the Purite Selected line include. Geranium oil, which seals blood vessels, relieves menopause symptoms and has an antidepressant effect.

Rose oil is the most valuable oil in the world with powerful rejuvenating properties. Lavender oil calms the mind and smooths the skin beautifully. Frankincense oil is an exceptional antidepressant. It also has a soothing effect on breast tension AND tenderness. Basil oil, on the other hand, improves bust firmness, reduces congestion and is the main ingredient for reducing swelling and soreness associated with PMS. In addition, it is a potent aphrodisiac. Designed for the sensitive skin of the bust, décolleté and neck, the exclusive Purite Selected line is a modern approach to natural cosmetics. Its action goes a step further and goes beyond skin therapy. Purite Selected cosmetics have an effect not only on the smoothness and firmness of the skin, but also have an effect on the emotions – bringing soothing, energizing, enhancing feelings of joy and self-confidence. The body and mind begin to harmoniously interact….

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