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Natural scented candle - AION

Natural scented candle – KAIROS

Kairos for Every Day.

Bergamot – Cedar – Patchouli – Sage.

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Natural scented candle – KAIROS 190g

KAIROS for Every Day.

Wonderfully fresh and extremely appealing. Providing solace that keeps us “here and now.” Kairos is “this here,” “this right” time, the right moment to act, created by opportunity and unique, transient circumstances.

Soy wax 100%, Cotton wick 100%.
Natural essential oils:

– Bergamot – has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and antidepressant properties, relieves nervous tension and symptoms of depression.

– Cedar – relieves, among other things: bronchitis, rhinitis, inflammation, is recommended for people who suffer from chronic anxiety, stress and depression.

– Patchouli – has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and is great for people struggling with depression. It improves mood, stimulates the body to action, adds energy and helps regain calm.

– Sage – a fragrance with strong antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects, antioxidant.

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Our products contain natural substances of plant origin, so sensitization reactions may occur in susceptible people.


– The candle you intend to burn should be at room temperature.
– Soy candles take much longer to light than paraffin candles. The initial burning of a soy candle should last a minimum of 2 hours. This allows the wax to melt properly and burn properly.
– Never leave a candle unattended and do not place it in a draft, too close to curtains or drapes for safety reasons – fire is an element that spreads very quickly and is difficult to tame.
– Trim the wicks after each burning to approx. 0.5-1 cm in length. This will help you to properly light the candle and thus avoid excessive smoke and improve the aesthetics of the candle.

About - Natural candle
Seeking harmony of all the senses, we created three Unique, 100% natural, blends of essential oils suspended in natural soy wax, which begin the journey of the Into the world of sensation. Each candle refers by name to the time in which the we are, which we expect, which we think about, to which it is us mentally closest to the here and now.
Active ingredients
Natural scented candle – KAIROS
It blends in great

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