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Natural cosmetics – which ones to choose?

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Natural cosmetics appeared on the market several years ago, quickly gaining a lot of popularity among people living in harmony with nature, for whom the welfare of animals and the environment are important. Today, interest in organic products for daily skin and hair care is growing all the time. This is not surprising, since natural cosmetics show many beneficial properties for the body and soul, and at the same time do not contain any harmful ingredients in the composition. They can therefore be safely used by the whole family. Which natural cosmetics to choose?

Natural cosmetics – what is it?

Cosmetics of natural origin are distinguished from other care products by their skin-safe composition. Therefore, they do not contain paraffin, preservatives, artificial colors, alcohol, SLS and other substances that can clog pores, dry out skin and hair, and cause adverse skin reactions, such as redness or burning. Despite the use of mild plant-based ingredients (oils, extracts, extracts, herbs, etc.), natural cosmetics work extremely effectively.

Which natural cosmetics to choose?

On the market you can find natural cosmetics for the face, body, hair, as well as for aromatherapy. Here are some products that are worth buying.
  1. Natural cosmetics for the face

    • Richly formulated nourishing and regenerating face cream is designed for normal, dry, sensitive, mature skin with the first signs of aging. Thanks to the use of vegetable oils, such as jojoba, aloe or nigella, the epidermis will be rebuilt, the work of the sebaceous glands will be normalized, the balance of the skin will be restored, the face will be moisturized and redness will be reduced.
    • Facial Elixir is a unique composition of plant oils. The product is designed for all skin types. It moisturizes, regenerates, smoothens and firms the epidermis. In addition, it lightens dark circles under the eyes, eliminates puffiness, and absorbs well without leaving a greasy layer on the skin. The cosmetic can be used alone, as a serum or under makeup.
  2. Natural body cosmetics

    • The body butter, which has plant oils and extracts, as well as shea butter, is an ideal product for those who want to improve skin hydration and tone. In addition, the product regenerates, firms, nourishes. The butter with rosehip oil will protect against free radicals, slowing down the aging process. A natural cosmetic with coffee, cocoa and cinnamon will improve microcirculation, cleanse toxins and have an anti-cellulite effect.
    • Deodorant in cream not only eliminates unpleasant odors, but also cares for the skin. The product has an antibacterial effect, refreshes, regenerates, provides freshness throughout the day, and is extremely efficient.
  3. Aromatherapy line

    • Natural products for aromatherapy are mainly candles, essential oils and aroma blends, which relax, soothe nerves, help you calm down and perfectly relieve nervous tension. The delicate fragrance affects all the senses, putting the body, mind and soul in a state of deep relaxation and tranquility.
  4. Natural cosmetics for hair

    • The bar shampoo based on coconut milk, vegetable oils and herbs nourishes, moisturizes, strengthens and conditions hair. In addition, the cosmetic accelerates hair growth and gives hair shine.
    • The hair oil helps regenerate damaged, dry hair with split ends. It will work well for straight and curly hair of varying porosity.
In conclusion, natural cosmetics based on herbs and vegetable oils are an excellent choice for people who want to improve the condition of their hair, restore their skin and relax after a hard day at work. Thanks to the fact that the products contain only mild and natural ingredients in their composition, they can also be used by young children. It is worth mentioning that the cosmetics are not tested on animals, and only organically produced plants are used in their production.

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Sebastian Kawecki
Sebastian Kawecki

My name is Sebastian Kawecki, for many years my passion has been plants and herbs and their impact on human health. I am currently training as an herbalist-phytotherapist at the Institute of Polish Herbalism and Natural Therapies.
I am a consultant for Purite, a company that creates natural cosmetics using herbs from Poland as well as other parts of the world. My work with Purite allows me to share my knowledge of plant remedies, and their effects on human health, with people around the world.