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Natural body butters

Natural body butters

The hydration and appearance of the skin are affected by many internal and external factors, such as high and low temperature, solar radiation, wind, improper diet. With age, problems with maintaining adequate hydration of the skin also deepen. The epidermis regenerates more and more slowly. The skin becomes dry and more flaccid. In order to enjoy the beautiful appearance of your body for as long as possible, you should remember about its daily care. Our offer includes natural butters for women and men, with a rich formula and unique properties.

Purite natural body butters based on plant ingredients

We offer body butters with a creamy consistency, made exclusively from plant ingredients from organic farming. The composition of the cosmetics includes, among others:

  • shea butter, which regenerates the epidermis, protects against UV radiation, delays skin aging processes, nourishes,
  • cocoa butter, which has smoothing properties,
  • vegetable oils, such as argan, coconut, sea buckthorn, apricot kernel and grape oils,
  • essential oils,
  • vitamin E

Natural body butters by Purite – effective action

Natural Purite body butters are ideal care products for people struggling with dry skin, signs of aging or cellulite. Thanks to their thick consistency, they perfectly nourish and deeply moisturize. In addition, they firm and regenerate the skin, improve its appearance and lighten discolorations. Body butter with tangerine and grapefruit oils fights cellulite and has bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties. After sun butter works well after sunbathing and sunburn, and prevents stretch marks and premature aging. On the other hand, body butter with Arabic coffee extract, coffee oil and cinnamon oil improves skin tension, prevents the appearance of orange peel and removes toxins.

Purite natural body butter – for whom?

Purite natural body butters are intended for people with:

  • dry,
  • normal,
  • mature,
  • with impaired lipid barrier,
  • with imperfections.

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