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What cosmetics to use for vascular skin?

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Plenty of people of all ages face the problem of dilated blood vessels on the face. Care for vascular skin is not the easiest thing to do. Why? Because skin with erythema is sensitive, thin, delicate, prone to irritation and external factors. What are the characteristics of vascular skin? What cosmetics for vascular skin should I use in my daily skin care?

Vascular skin – characteristics

Vascular (or vascular) skin is a skin type that is characterized by localized redness (known as erythema), isolated inflammatory lesions and visible broken blood vessels (telangiectasia network).

Capillaries dilate and constrict, regulating blood flow. In the case of vascular skin, this mechanism is disrupted. As a result of the exaggerated impulse response, the capillaries increasingly contract and relax, and permanently dilate. Over time, they become brittle and cracked. Redness on the face is most common on the cheeks, chin and nose. Dilated capillaries are a problem that can appear on any skin type, such as combination, dry, oily skin.

The main external and internal factors that directly affect the formation of subcutaneous spider veins are:

  • solar radiation,
  • temperature fluctuations,
  • physical exertion,
  • sauna,
  • solarium,
  • Taking certain medications,
  • frostbite,
  • Use of cosmetics with alcohol and fruit acids,
  • wind,
  • long, hot baths,
  • stimulants,
  • spicy foods,
  • excessive stress,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • circulatory, vascular problems,
  • pregnancy,
  • Menstruation,
  • genetic conditions.

Cosmetics for vascular skin

Since reddened skin with dilated capillaries is sensitive, only mild cosmetics for vascular skin should be used in daily care. The best choice will be natural products, based on plant-based ingredients that do not irritate and reduce the risk of allergies.

Purite facial tonic

Tonic for vascular skin is a gentle, pH-neutral cosmetic that soothes redness and irritation, refreshes the skin, seals capillaries, lightly moisturizes and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. The product is designed not only for vascular skin, but also for skin prone to irritation, flaky, dry, thin skin.

Purite face serum

Face serum is an excellent cosmetic for vascular skin. Based on natural plant extracts and oils, the product brings immediate relief to vascular skin. It soothes inflammation, moisturizes, seals capillaries, improves their elasticity and increases their resistance to breakage. In addition, the serum for vascular skin regenerates the epidermis, has a nourishing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Purite face cream

Purite’s vascular skin cream is a lightweight product formulated for daytime use and under makeup. The cosmetic for vascular skin gently moisturizes, eliminates redness and irritation, as well as refreshes, strengthens and smooths the skin. Thanks to its numerous active substances, Purite’s natural face cream improves the overall health and condition of vascular skin, accelerates the healing of minor damage and blemishes, and soothes burning and itching skin.

Purite facial oleum

Oleum for vascular skin is a product based on vegetable oils, essential oils, herbs and vitamins, which nurtures and protects the epidermis from external factors (wind, frost, environmental pollution). In addition, the product soothes burning, eliminates the feeling of skin tightness, reduces redness, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

In conclusion, to nullify erythema and subcutaneous spider veins, it is worth using natural cosmetics for vascular skin. Poorly selected products can further irritate the skin, inflame erythema, and cause adverse skin reactions. An excellent choice would be Purite brand cosmetics for vascular skin, such as tonic, serum, cream or oleum.

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Sebastian Kawecki
Sebastian Kawecki

My name is Sebastian Kawecki, for many years my passion has been plants and herbs and their impact on human health. I am currently training as an herbalist-phytotherapist at the Institute of Polish Herbalism and Natural Therapies.
I am a consultant for Purite, a company that creates natural cosmetics using herbs from Poland as well as other parts of the world. My work with Purite allows me to share my knowledge of plant remedies, and their effects on human health, with people around the world.