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All Purite products are primarily therapeutic, not just skin care. This means that the unique formulas, are composed to bring relief and assistance and restore the skin to an optimal, healthy state. We harness the power of herbs, minerals, plant oils and premium essential oils – you don’t need anything else to take care of your skin, even skin with problems. Every Purite product, from soaps, deodorants to creams, elixirs, butters and oleos has a therapeutic effect.

Philosophy of elimination.
The first step toward natural therapy is to eliminate harmful substances, which are abundant in chemical cleaning products, food and popular cosmetics. Purite uses only natural ingredients, which helps reduce the impact of pathogenic substances on the body. Everything we apply to the skin penetrates it and is absorbed into the bloodstream in a record 28 seconds. In the case of cracked or dry skin, this time is significantly reduced. Our cosmetics are safe not only for the skin but also for the whole body.

Hydrolats and macerates.
The Purite laboratory creates hydrolats and macerates that are the basis for creating cosmetics. Hydrolats, like the water of life, are full of active substances: plant hormones and enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Macerates, on the other hand, are oil extracts of plants, full of bioactive ingredients that relieve disease symptoms, accelerate healing and regenerate . Hydrolats and macerates perfectly replace water, which has no therapeutic effect in cosmetics.

Oleum – cosmetics for special tasks.
Oleum is the brand’s flagship product – a type of ointment that combines the healing properties of organically sourced herbs with the gentleness and care of natural butters and oils.