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Lava Set + CHRONOS Oil Gift Set.

Natural cosmetics in a gift set Lava Set + CHRONOS Oil

Natural diffuser + Natural fragrance blend CHRONOS

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Essential oils, have a proven positive effect on our well-being, hence they cannot be missed as an introduction to the world of relaxation and relaxation – aromatherapy according to Purite.

CHRONOS for many, but not for all.

Sensual, accompanying and lingering. Chronos is time taken as a whole; it expresses the quantitative aspect of duration, the sequential order of events, made possible by understanding time as a flow of different units in relation to what time is not. Complicated? Philosophical? Yes, because the time of our lives is like that.

Natural essential oils:

– Lavender – exhibits relaxing, calming and soothing effects.

– Lime – has a refreshing effect, stimulating sharpness of thought, promoting well-being and emotional balance.

– Vanilla – soothes nerves, relieves stress, anxiety, helps fight insomnia and improves mood.

– Cypress – has a calming and tranquilizing effect, also works well for menopausal women who may struggle with mood swings.

– Chamomile – helps with depression, improves mood, removing depression and sadness.

To enhance the aura of the chosen fragrance, we chose volcanic lava, whose irregular, porous structure is an excellent carrier of the fragrance notes of Purite’s ethereal compositions.

is an extraordinary mineral with wonderful energetic properties. Created in a fire deep in the earth, it combines the energy of the elements and releases its own, which makes the fragrance of the oils float in the air sensually seizing the space.

Lava has been known for centuries for its grounding and calming properties. It emanates a supportive, protective energy field that helps one feel comfortable in one’s own body and open to new possibilities, which ties in directly with the properties of essential oils and a place like a manual therapy or spa.


Apply a few drops of essential oil directly to the stones. If you want to change the smell of the stones rinse them with hot water
The set includes:
– glass packaging
– lava stones in a cotton pouch
About - Natural diffuser
Seeking harmony in the release of our natural essential oils, we created a natural volcanic diffuser + natural fragrance blends
Active ingredients
Natural cosmetics in a gift set Lava Set + CHRONOS Oil
It blends in great

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