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Anti-age by Purite gift set + Elixir 10ml as a gift

Natural cosmetics in a gift set Anti-age by Purite + Elixir 10ml as a gift

Anti-age by Purite gift set

Dla skóry: Dry, Normal, First wrinkles, Mature,

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– Nourishing and Regenerating Cream / Anti – Age 30ml

A thick, extremely nourishing cream with a very rich and complex composition. Designed for all skin types. Due to its texture, regenerative properties and grapefruit oil content, which may have photosensitizing properties, it is recommended for use at night.

firming and soothing tonic 50ml

Designed for the care of all skin types. It has a soothing, calming effect, pleasantly refreshes and refreshes the skin. Restores pH balance and provides relief after insect bites.

eye cream 10ml

A light eye cream with a very rich, complex composition is a cosmetic for the most demanding. Active ingredients of the highest quality, were selected to nourish and eliminate dark circles and puffiness, moisturize the skin and smooth the fine lines of these delicate areas.


The most gentle of all Purite soaps. Designed for sensitive and dry skin. With the purifying power of oatmeal, it effectively eliminates blackheads. Enriched with honey
And goat’s milk. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin perfectly.


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Natural cosmetics in a gift set Anti-age by Purite + Elixir 10ml as a gift
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