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How to make natural cosmetics? – OUR SECRETS

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With the rise of environmental awareness, more and more people have begun to turn to natural cosmetics. Such products meet certain standards. In addition, they are sold in environmentally friendly packaging that can be recycled. As natural cosmetics contain only plant-based ingredients, they provide comprehensive support for the skin, hair and body. What are the secrets of making Purite natural cosmetics?

How to make natural cosmetics?

Purite natural cosmetics are made exclusively on the basis of plant and mineral ingredients, such as:
  • Plant hydrolates, such as damask rose,
  • Plant extracts, for example, from aloe vera, common ivy, anthracantha asiatica,
  • Vegetable oils, such as jojoba, coconut, rosehip, sweet almond,
  • Essential oils, such as eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, peppermint,
  • shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba butter,
  • A macerate, such as from mountain arnica,
  • Extract, such as from acmelia, cornflowers, field horsetail,
  • white clay, green clay.
Individual formulas are created for specific problems, both skin (on the face and body) and hair. Among other things, Purite’s natural cosmetics help fight the first signs of aging, have anti-aging, smoothing effects, prevent stretch marks, improve body hydration and firmness, as well as hair condition. They are designed for normal, dry, sensitive, acne-prone, mature skin.

What is the secret of Purite natural cosmetics?

All plant ingredients are sourced from certified organic crops, so they are free of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Instead, they exhibit a host of valuable therapeutic and care properties. It is worth mentioning that Purite cosmetics are produced in a modern laboratory, using clean production technology. Among others, doctors and body detoxification specialists work with the manufactory.What natural products can be found in Purite’s product line? Cosmetics for: Natural fragrance blends, candles and essential oils for aromatherapy are also available.

Why use natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are safe for the skin, do not over-dry, do not violate the lipid barrier, do not disrupt the hormonal balance. Because they contain only plant and mineral ingredients in their composition, the risk of skin irritation and allergies is reduced. Another advantage of natural cosmetics is the simple composition and respect for the environment and animals.


What is the secret behind the creation of natural cosmetics from the Purite brand? It is a combination of active plant substances from proven sources with medical knowledge. As a result, the products show effective action, help reduce specific problems (stretch marks, acne, wrinkles, excessive hair loss, etc.), and support the body’s natural processes.

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Sebastian Kawecki
Sebastian Kawecki

My name is Sebastian Kawecki, for many years my passion has been plants and herbs and their impact on human health. I am currently training as an herbalist-phytotherapist at the Institute of Polish Herbalism and Natural Therapies.
I am a consultant for Purite, a company that creates natural cosmetics using herbs from Poland as well as other parts of the world. My work with Purite allows me to share my knowledge of plant remedies, and their effects on human health, with people around the world.