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About Purite

100% plant and mineral ingredients, therapeutic action before skin care, ecology that starts with ourselves – an uncompromising approach to modern cosmetics.

Purite is exclusively made up of vegetable oils, butters and waxes, herbs, flowers, essential oils, beeswax, honey, goat’s milk and healing clays and Dead Sea salt. Purite fragrances derived exclusively from ingredients contained in essential oils and plant butters.

Skin therapy

The therapeutic effect of our cosmetics is to restore the skin’s balance and help treat common skin problems such as dryness, broken capillaries or acne.


We work in a small laboratory using modern production methods. The process of creating our cosmetics takes time, precision and attention, so they are produced on a small scale with great attention to quality.


We are building environmental awareness. We use biodegradable packaging, recycle glass, recover water from hydrolate production, and do not use pesticides, artificial fertilizers or dyes. The plants and oils we use come from our own or certified crops.

Cruelty free

We do not conduct animal testing, nor do we mandate such testing for both our finished products and the individual ingredients contained in those products.